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Life is difficult these days for many families. Being in relationships and raising a family can be very challenging and there comes a time when having someone come alongside to offer support can be just what we need to sort things out and continue navigating through the rapids life takes us through. I am dedicated to helping relationships flourish and families be successful. Family Systems Counseling, Solutions Focused Counseling, Faith Based Christian Counseling and Trauma Recovery Counseling are all available.
Many Teens are struggling today with peer pressure, drug issues and school stressors. After many years of working with young peolple, I have learned ways to help them develop tools for navigating the maze of challenges they face through Middle School and High School.
As we are training physically and technically to excel in our sports performance, it is essential to spend time sharpening the mental and emotional part of the game. Psychological skills training can make a huge difference. Also, workng through personal issues that may interfere with peak performance can free you up to be and do your best. Total Release Performance is when we are free to give 100% physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am dedicated to helping you find that sweet spot of peak performance.
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